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1960 Photos and Memories
Staff 60

Front row: Jim Loewen, George Juncker(w/dog), Bill Bracken, John Duell, Cliff Jordan, Jack Alexander, Nick Farrell, Milt Forsberg

Middle row: Ken Flood, David L. Schmutzler, ?John Hartman?, Jim Walker, John Kirk, ?John Hartman?, John Azar, Mike Kirtley, Gordon Zion, Fred Hollon

Back row: A.J. "Skipper" Juncker, Stu Cochran, Bob Black, John Buzza, Bob Reynolds, Tim Jones, JB Juncker, JB's wife Elaine, Ed Zahn+wife Lois

This is the first formal Staff picture.

Staff 60
Dave Schmutzler recalls: A.J. "Skipper" Juncker - Director from the early 50's until about 1960. He was also Chief Executive of Region Seven. The offices for Region 7 were in Chicago and he lived in Clarendon Hills. He was highly respected in "the industry" and worked well with contributors to donate targeted monies for improvements at the base. The Shower House with Sauna was one item given to the base that he was responsible for.