Shared Reference Resources

On occasion, I've had a dickens of a time getting reference sheets or pinouts for devices and things. In a few cases, after much searching, I eventually found or was given reference resources that were what I was looking for. To assist others, I make them available here. This is not meant to be a complete library. Please don't email me asking if I have others, because I don't--this is all I have. But in time, search engines for the specific models will bring you here rather than to the absolutely- no-germane-link situation that I found. I hope you find one of these helpful.


Isotemp OCXO 91-1 Specs and Drwng .pdf
Isotemp OCXO 118-10   Specs and Drwng .pdf  
Isotemp OCXO 118-12 Specs .pdf 1 page drawing .pdf
Isotemp OCXO 127-10 Specs .pdf 1 page drawing .pdf
Isotemp OCXO 127-19 Specs .pdf pic and pins .jpg
Isotemp OCXO 131-2 Specs and Drwng .pdf
Isotemp OCXO 131-55 Specs and Drwng .pdf
Isotemp OCXO 134-10 Specs .pdf 1 page drawing .pdf
Isotemp OCXO 134-12 Specs .doc
(from an ebay ad)
Pic w/pins .jpg
Pic 2 .jpg
EROS-800-M45 and
McCoy MC839X4-001
equal Isotemp 127-10
see above
notes .txt
(from an ebay ad)
Pic .jpg
OAK OFC MC834X4 Specs and Drwng .jpg
(from an ebay ad)
Pic .jpg
CTS Knights 970-2089 Notes .txt   Need more good info
CTS Knights 970-2152 Pic1 .jpg Pic2 .jpg Need more info
McCoy OFC OSC92-100B
equals Isotemp 134-12
Notes .txt Pic .jpg Need more info
Ovenaire OCXO 35-42b Notes .txt
Ovenaire OCXO 42-23 Notes .txt

Amplifying Devices

Mitsubishi RF Mosfet Module RA13H8891MB 9 pages of specs/drawing .pdf
880-915 MHz Pout > 13W at 12.5V
I have lots of these available at $5.00 each.

Other Devices

Prescaler datasheets:
Motorola MC12026
Motorola MC12026ad
Motorola MC12028
Motorola MC12080
Motorola MC12083
Fujitsu MB504


Other datasheets:
Linear Technology LT1070

Motorola 90/100/110
Power Amplifier

Pdf scans of helpful pages:
Parts List
Schematic view 1
Schematic view 2
Alignment procedure
Board drawing

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