MCHS Class of 1979

In late May of 1979 over 165 of us graduated from Marengo Community High School. Some of us have remained close friends over the intervening years. Even if we haven't, what we have in common is that we went through High School together during those four years in the late '70's. Reunions have been held at 10, 15, 20, and 25 year anniversaries of our graduation.

A commercial site called attempts to offer a helpful meetingplace for schoolmates. Unfortunately, it is filled with annoying ads and operates on a fee basis. This non-commercial site can serve as a more personal wateringhole for Class of '79 MCHS grads. In time, an email reflector or "bulletin" board may be added. Only class members or those who were close/friendly with class of '79 would be permitted to view or converse.

Class Roster

Bruce Richardson will maintain the master database of address, phone, and email information. This information will NOT be placed on the web for open perusal. Rather, email Bruce Richardson at the link below identifying yourself as an MCHS classmember and request a copy of the current database version. The available formats will be .xls and .pdf. The database is not available yet. This paragraph will change when it is available.

If you have changed your address, name, phone, or email address, please fire off a short email with the current information. Database request or update: mchs (at)

25th Reunion!

Liz (Otis) Henning, Tracy Swanson, Laurie (Brenning) Pfaffinger, and Wanda Papka hosted our 25th Reunion on October 1st and 2nd, 2004 in Marengo.

Parade/Pep Rally: The weekend began with a few classmembers riding in a "float" entry (driven by Cathy (Zintl) Sloat) at the Pep Rally on Friday afternoon.

Homecoming Football Game: by evening--the time for the Homecoming football game--a cold rain had arrived. The Marengo Indians hosted Burlington Central who were ranked #2 in the state and had a running back who had amassed near 1000 yards in the first 5 games of the season. Marengo was not favored to win. The rain contributed to more fumbles than normal by both teams. Marengo won the game 20-14--primarily through a better coaching victory. First, Marengo contained the running game of BC. Although BC stymied Marengo's running game, Marengo's three successful pass plays were the difference. Marengo was able to execute pass plays whereas BC failed in its two attempts. The team can be proud of putting together a fine win in adverse conditions.

Post-Game Mixer: We met at Alcopoco Joes (at the corner of 20 and 23) for conversation and beverages. It was unfortunately and surprisingly loud! But the conversation was good! After closing time, a few drifted over to another place on State St where the Class of '84 was mingling.

New School Tour: The Marengo area population is exploding! Rather than be reactionary--like Huntley--Marengo's educators and taxpayers proactively tackled the problem of swelling population by building a new school now--rather than 10 years from now. Superintendent Trickett, as well as the Board, aggressively pursued financial assistance through State avenues.

The new facility is fantastic! It is located east of the Football Field on land north of Lindow's Appliances. Students cannot use "facility" as an excuse for poor learning! The old High School building--which will be referred to as "West Campus"-- will initially be used by the elementary school system. In the future, it can be used by the High School for Freshman/Sophmores, for instance, when enrollment exceeds what the (new) "East Campus" can hold.

Banquet: The big event for the weekend was the Saturday night banquet at Donley's Banquet Hall. About 35 classmembers attended. With spouses, about 55 enjoyed the evening. A fine dinner of Chicken or Prime Rib provided the setting for excellent conversation. Oldies music played unobtrusively :-) About 1am things wound down and we headed off to our busy lives.

25th Reunion attendees included: Kathy (Watson) Holte, Dave Criqui, Bob Karstensen, Matt Musil, Becky (Hansen) Ferrante, Jeff Schaefer, Betty (Naugle) Frohling, Sue Wisted-Marsh, Dale & Aloisa (Garza) Johnson, Steve Poppe, Sue (Martin) Henning, Denise Schroeder, Tracy (Swanson) Piper, Nancy Koester, Bob Wagner, Debbie (Gehrke) Grude, Glen Chewning, Bob Evans, Sue Latimer, Gary Pfaffinger, Laurie (Brenning) Pfaffinger, Cindy Reuter, Cheryl Smith, LuAnn (Koplin) Esser, Bruce Piper, Belinda (Hickman) Johnston, Liz (Otis) Henning, Bruce Richardson, Carole (Fleming) Kipp, Tracy Naber and Monica Puthamana. Brook (Garbrecht) Anderson and Mark Madaus signed up for the event but were unable to attend. Mike Fees, Bob Eschbach, Steve Kalter, Gerald Lee, and Kurt Burnside made appearances at either the game, the mixer, or the banquet.

No certain plans exist for a 30th or 35th reunion at this point. Stay in touch and step forward to help make one happen!

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