Bruce Richardson W9FZ Woodbury, MN

Rover Talk Resources

From Zoom Presentation for Four Lakes Amateur Radio Club on May 17th, 2022. Presentation: “Getting Started in VHF Roving”

This page is at:

Facebook “Ham Radio Rovers” Group:

Northern Lights Radio Society local VHF email reflector:

EXAMPLE of W0UC’s Upper Midwest Contact Activity spreadsheet with tabs for Fixed stations and Rovers: (example only of a past event—each new event is announcd on the NLRS email reflector)

Notable Rovers on

WA5VJB Antenna articles at:
Radio Mobile terrain software for Ham use:

Central States VHF Society is having their annual conference in La Crosse, WI on July 22nd and July 23rd. Website is not up (yet) for it but the weblink will be . In addition to all the technical talks and socializing, there is “Rover Row” on Friday morning from 8am to Noon where many rovers give “shack tours” of their rovers. Lot’s of good ideas shared.

And this PowerPoint will be at: