For the past few years, Northern Lights Radio Society members, who are interested in 10 GHz and above microwave activity, have developed and polished techniques that generate high numbers of QSO's.  We've had great fun, first on the shores of Lake Superior, but later across Minnesota refining our operating skills.  For 2007, we wanted to do something a bit different.  


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The ARRL 10 GHz and Above contest occurs over two weekends--one in August and one in September.  The first requirement is to have two stations capable of contact.  We have a few fixed stations in the region capable on 10 GHz. The rest of us need to set up portable to participate on 10 GHz and above.  We've found that having a group of operators, at one fixed location, contacting a roving group of operators makes for abundant activity. 

In previous years, the roving band stayed at distances where contacts were generally easy.  A high quantity of QSO's led to generally high scores.  This year we wanted to push distances further and make successful contacts with weaker signals by using CW when necessary.  

Each weekend had unexpected challenges.  Some of them were successfully conquered.  Click on the tabs to read about the August and September weekends or to see pictures from the respective weekends.


Look at the paths that we worked!  Sure, things were kinda slow for the fixed group.  But when we hooked-up, it was on difficult paths which we proudly conquered.


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What will we do for 2008? If this sounds interesting, get on the air for the 2008 event!

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2007 10 GHz Travel Adventure

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