First, I collect EVERYTHING associated with:

All of my needs in those collections are getting expensive and difficult. I wanted to collect something easy and inexpensive to keep TOR's, ebay, and the hobby fun. I settled on loaf shaped patches and snoshoe shaped patches. At best, they are a quarter a piece in paw-boxes at TOR's. Unfortunately, some ebay sellers have ridiculous prices for activity patches. I view $3 or less acceptable but .25 cents is best!

What is a loaf shaped patch? Well, like a loaf of bread, it has a flat, horizontal bottom. Like the top of most bread loaves that have risen, the top is curved upward somewhat like a dome. While some bread pans may have straight, vertical sides, the reality is that most sides of loaves angle outward slightly --in other words NOT vertically.

I define patches that have vertical sides and a dome top as "domes" and are NOT what I'm collecting.

Around 1964, National Supply and other patch suppliers begin offering a standard shape that could be populated with wording and designs meeting the customer's need. Additionally, three standard designs proliferated: Red loaves, Bear Sled loaves, and Blue Eagle loaves.

JSP's (Jamboree Shoulder Patches), particularly ones enlarged by special designs, appear "loaf" like. I do not collect those, however, more due to their purpose as Jamboree Shoulder Patches. I tend to focus on Loaf Shaped Patches intended to document activities, camps, or events.

Further, I don't intend to collect Loaf Shaped patches outside of the U.S.-- although I've picked up a few.

Remember, the decision to collect is up to the collector!

I owe thanks to Dave Pede for pointing out to me that a Camp Wapahani patch was loaf-shaped just like the Region 7 Canoe Base loaves. That's what got me started. Additionally, Chris Jensen and Boyd Williams have donated loaf patches to this collection. Lastly, Dave Scocca has been a BIG influence on the web side of this project. My work has tried to emulate his--and that IS a compliment.

If you have images of loaves that are not in this collection, send them along and they'll get included. If you want to part with ones that I show as "needs" or don't have, let's see what we can work out. I generally have dupe loaves and snoshoes available.