Fixed Stations beaming the Midwest

Fixed stations in the Division--get on the air!!!  Fixed stations in surrounding states--get on the air and point your beams into the Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and South Dakota areas looking for contacts!!


Fixed stations known to be on the air and looking for Midwest Mania Q's:

(Click on the hotlinked callsign to learn more about the station and its capabilities.)


Jerry VE6CPP DN39or  AB  Good Power and antennas looking SE on CW, SSB, and WSJT


Send your info to  include your grid and bands operated



Six Meter Specialists:
KØHA EN10lx A Single-op
WØWOI EN22ta A Single-op
KRØI EM29qb A Single-op
KØTVD EN21bn A Single-op
Multi-Band Stations:
WDØBGZ DM68 AB BIG Big Power--9000' on eastern face of Mt Princeton
KØUK DM59ra AB Single-op limited operating times
WØEEA DM79vh ABCD9EFGHIJK Multi-op (KWs on 50-432)
NØYK DM98mg AB Single-op
K7RE DN84am AB Single-op
WØBJ DN91od ABE Single-op
WDØT DN94vk ABCD Single-op Big Power on AB
KØHL DN96 B Portable operation between Dickinson and Bismarck, ND
Limited Hours--nab him when you can
WD5USA EM04so AB Single-op (a Portable operation Mt Scott)
NØLL EM09 ABCDE Single-op
WD5IYF EM14al ABD Multi-op
KD0FIP EM17kt B Single-op
KCØQIE EM17ln ABD Multi-op at N0LD's
WQØP EM19wf (  ) Single-op actively looking for the rovers
NØIRS EM24 ABCDE Multi-op near Mena, AR on top of Mt Rich
W6ZI EM26bj ABCD Single-op
NØMST EM27 ABD Single-op (looking all directions)
NØJK EM28 or 18 ABD QRP Portable
KØKU EM28ix ABD Multi-op
KCØDEB EM29 AB Single-op
K5PJR EM37ka BE Single-op
ABØRX EM47pn ABCDE Single-op (a Portable operation
KOØZ EM48 ABDE Single-op
WØHBH EM48pn ABD Single-op Also Special event W6P--Route 66 Celebration
KBØPE EM48ts ABDEI Single-op
KM0F EN04iv ABD Single-op
NØWJY EN10qt ???? Single-op
NØUNL EN10qt AB Single-op At WD0BGZ's house, N0KIS op
WNØL EN11qi AB Single-op
W7XU EN13 B Single-op limited operating times
WBØYWW EN22uk AB Single-op
KØMHC EN26ha ABCD9EFGI Single-op 144.215/50.140
WØVAN EN41dw AB Single-op
NØURW EN41go ABCD Single-op (looking all directions with big power)


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