Family Program

Stefie Boston and Lesa Bergeron, KB9KCJ were our Family Program hosts.  They worked hard to pick interesting and fun aspects of Milwaukee to share with our visiting family members.

Thursday, July 25, 2002

For those who arrived early into the Milwaukee area, visits to the Oshkosh Airshow and to Amateur Electonic Supply -- AES seemed to be the most popular.

Friday, July 26, 2002

At 8:30 AM, the group gathered in the Hotel Lobby, and boarded a motor coach for a ride downtown to the famous Milwaukee Lakefront, where our destination was the newly revamped Milwaukee Art Museum.  This museum houses an impressive array of Art, both modern and traditional, and is well worth the visit.  The structure is graced with a recent addition of a large, winged sculpture, the "Brise de Soleil", designed by the famous Spanish architect; Santiago Callatrava. The group spent the morning touring the art collection, with a tour guide to assist, followed by a tasty box lunch prepared by the Museum catering staff

After lunch, the group bussed to the Historic Third Ward, where they took a guided tour of several of Milwaukee's historic landmarks.  Many wonderful and beautiful sites are on the national Historic Register.  After the tour we returned to the Hotel at about 4 PM.

In the evening, at 530 PM, the group went to the Grove restaurant, in nearby Oak Creek, to enjoy a gourmet dinner.    Then, the group  walked across the street, to the Sundown Theater,  to enjoy a presentation of "Guys and Dolls". 

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Saturday morning, the group headed to the World Famous Milwaukee County Zoo.  There was ample time to prowl the 200 acres of 2500 animals in there displays.  Highlight was getting a "behind the scenes" tour of feeding areas, sleeping areas, and Vetranarian health clinic.

After lunch, the group whisked to the opulent Frederick Pabst mansion for a guided tour of one of the City's most famous landmarks.  This mansion was built in 1890 by one of the city's famous beer barons, and features the ornate Pabst pavilion, built in 1893 for the Colombian Exposition in Chicago.  After the Exposition, the structure was taken apart and moved brick by brick to the Pabst home in Milwaukee, and reassembled.   

At around 4 PM, the group returned to the Sheraton, in time to get refreshed, and ready for the evening Banquet in the Baton Rouge room at the Sheraton 4 Points.