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This is the gateway to the websites I've created.


Websites concerning Region 7 Canoe Base, Blackhawk Area Council, U.S. Grant Council, Camp Lowden, Canyon Camp, Northwoods, Snowshoe shaped patches, and Loaf shaped patches. Some of the websites have not been touched in a long time. Rewrites are planned for all of them.

Ham Radio

Websites of ham radio travelogues, Central States VHF Society conferences.




Reese AFB

This site covers history and patches of Pilot Training at Reese AFB. It has begun with patches but will include class listings and history in time.



This portion of the site has commentary or links about music of note--although that includes audio podcasts from TD Mischke and Negativland's "Over the Edge" on KPFA.


Website of Surplus--Electronic and otherwise--that I have available for sale. For instance, transformers, HP Rack Items, Military Aviation Maps, and other interesting things.


Maps & Graphics

Here is where I will make available for download maps and graphics that I've put together over the years.


Sites that I find interesting.

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July 16, 2020