Bruce Richardson W9FZ

Here are various links that I find interesting.

My Favorite Twin Cities Restaurants:

Sadly, Muffuletta and Lucia's have both closed.

Favorite Restaurants in other locations:

Haesje Claes --My favorite restaurant in Amsterdam. Diverse menu. Hearty food. I'm told it's pronounced "Haahja Klaahss". I see that it has closed on November 1st, 2020 after 46 years in business.
Van Beeren --My new favorite restaurant in Amsterdam. Diverse menu. Hearty food. I'm working my way through their entire menu. The dry ribs keep winning repeats with me. If you google Van Beeren Amsterdam, google automatically translates the page for you.

Other sites of interest:

MCHS Class of 1979 Reunion!

MCHS '79 Reunion Website--complete with latest updates --My webhost is based in LaCrosse, WI. Scott Neader KA9FOX provides excellent service, reliability, and support. It's an excellent value for hams or any small business. Ask me for more detail on how good QTH.Com is!! Scott also runs Internet Solutions which is a related webdesigning service.
North Central Airlines History and Livery --I recently flew a trip with a Captain who created this site. I think highly of his layout and design. Excellent level of detail on paint schemes and types of aircraft operated. Will likely become the premier location for North Central Airlines history. The duck's name was Herman, so his site is hermantheduck dot org ( His site MUST come up higher in searches than it does for North Central Airlines history. This site is created by Tom Van Baak. He has deep interest in accurate time and the history of time keeping machines. His Museum of HP Clocks is amazing. He has a page with subscription instructions for the "TimeNuts Reflector".
Ken Kuhn's Amazing HP Test Equipment collection. An amazing collection and an interesting site to look at. A good reference. --Delivering "Little Bundles of Love", in a box, directly to your door.

Sadly, this link has gone bad and now just leads to rockstar games or something like that. You can view the original site through the wayback machine.......and I maybe able to put together what it looked like.
Darla Records This label has bands "from around the corner and around the globe". They have artists that major lables have missed. There are some great sounds and discoveries on the Darla label. The "Little Darla has a Treat for You" series of samplers are a great way to open your ears to some new sounds.

Asmatic Kitty Records This label is the home of Sufjan Stevens and several other artists. Ordering was smooth and I'm going to try some of the other artists.
Favorite Musicians/Bands:

Bettie Serveert
David Sylvian


Zotz-- Andre Prost had easy ordering and fast delivery.

Beef Jerky:
I find many big selling beef jerkies to be rubbery, artificial, gross, and all have MSG. I've found two Brands that are regional but taste SO MUCH better!!!! And no MSG!

Country Fresh Meats of Weston, WI are available throughout Central Wisconsin at Kwik Trips and some other outlets. Check out their website and you can order it direct! What I like is the flavor, texture, and quality of the meat. Sure, sometimes there's some gristle to spit out, but the flavor is so good. It's a "dry" jerky.

Mike's Country Meats I found this brand at the Pine Cone at Johnson Creek, WI. They have several flavors but I like their regular the best. It's peppery enough. I'd call this a "dry" jerky as well. Again, good flavor and good ingredients.