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TD Mischke

Wisdom of the Sasquatch from episode #128 "The Deer Hunter" of The Mischke Roadshow Podcast

Negativland / Over the Edge

Thank You Over The Edge! This page lists highlights I've found in particular shows.

Negativland / Over the Edge

Listen to the creative writing in Brindle Spork! from July 2, 2021 episode of "Over The Edge" on
Not only is the writing great, the audio distortion and echo is perfect. I really like the phrasing and delivery. Page for full episode You will find "Brindle Spork" at 1:32:05 to 1:35:35 in the episode.

Darla Label Samplers: "Little Darla Has a Treat for You" series

Thank You Little Darla Samplers! This page lists highlights I've found in the universe of "Little Darla Has a Treat For You" samplers.

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November 30, 2021