The Canoe Base had a wonderful history.  The Northern Wisconsin area was quite a remote place in the late 1930's and early 1940's compared to Northern Wisconsin in the mid 1980's at the time of the camp's closure.

On the following pages are histories from a Canoe Base handout and pieced together from pamphlets and other sources.  I will attempt to secure permission from Chuck McBride to reprint his concise history here.  Also, pre and concurrent history of Eagle Scout Forestry Camp will be added as source material is accumulated.

In 1980, Ernie Schmidt returned to the Canoe Base staff after many years away and a distinguished career in between.  He prepared a handout that had the following essays in it.  Some of it seems to be drawn from the "preliminary draft" below.

Canoe Base History - A Story in Ice
Camp Crystal lake (No. 74-S) of the Civilian Conservation Corps

History of the Region Seven Scout Landing by E.A. Schwechel
Some Highlights Among My Memories
Some Highlights From the 1942 Season - Ernie Schmidt
From a Region Seven Report for the Period Jan 1 thru Oct 1, 1942
Notes From Bob Gregg

Also in 1980, I picked up a separate handout titled Region 7 Canoe Base History (preliminary draft) .  It was 8 pages on green paper.  I'm told that this item was available in the mid to late 1970's. There are four web "pages" - one way to advance to the next page is a hot link at the top of each page. Pane 2, Pane 3, Pane 4

Alan Abrahamson sent along to me the lyrics to the Trainer's Song.  It has great references to Stu Gentry and to Fair Dinkum's.

Chris Jacisin sent along the lyrics to The Voyageur's Song.  Traditional and classic.  Working on getting the melody.

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Baseball Song (by Rick Brandon)

Take the Voyageur Training Final Exam (1980 Version) !  This was supplied by Chris Jacisin and administered to him by Dave Melnick.

Eagle Scout Forestry Camp on Lost Canoe Lake. 

Download Word Docs of:
Region 7 Canoe Base History (preliminary draft)

1980 Staff handout of the seven portions above

Word .doc version of Voyageur Training Final Exam (1980)