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Region 7 Canoe Base Mugs

Mugs are a heavy Canoe Base memento. This is the universe of known mugs. There were some plastic tumblers right near the end (84/85/86). I will add an image from someone I know who has a set of four.

Some collectors have noted thicker, beefier walls on some mugs seeming to make them a separate variety.

As of April 2022, I have discovered I don't own a Mug 11. My Mug 6 is in storage somewhere.

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Mug 1

Mug 1. Note flare sides

Mug 2

Mug 2. Note ECB and flare sides

Mug 3

Mug 3. Note ECB and traditional mug shape

Mug 4

Mug 4. Note CB now.

Mug 5

Mug 5. 30th Anniversary in 1970

Mug 6

Mug 6. Gateway depiction. Region 7 Canoe Base
better image coming.

Mug 7

Mug 7. First Northern Wisconsin Canoe Base mug

Mug 8

Mug 8. Note the B.S.A. at the bottom of the inner circle. This mug is somewhat rare.

Mug 9

Mug 9. Gateway depiction. Northern Wisconsin Nat'l Canoe Base

Mug 10

Mug 10. Gateway depiction. Note the B.S.A at the bottom.

Mug 11

Mug 11. NWNCB with fdl.
National is spelled out.

Mug 12a Mug 12a back

Mug 12a. 40th Anniversary in 1980.
Last year for "Canoe Base".
Left and right hand versions make
the "a" and "b" varieties

Mug 12b Mug 12b back

Mug 12b. 40th Anniversary in 1980.
Opposite hand variety.

Mug 12

Mug 13. First "High Adventure" mug in 1981. Note "right" handed.

Mug 13

Mug 14. Another "High Adventure" variety. Note "left" handed. Shape of handle is ear shaped.

Mug 14

Mug 15. Note the "tall" mug shape.

WB Mug 1

Woodbadge Mug 1. Note flare sides.
Better images on the way.

WB Mug 2

Woodbadge Mug 2. Note no gold rim. Seems to have been manufactured that way.

WB Mug 3

Woodbadge Mug 3. With gold rim. Very common.

R7CB Ashtray

Region 7 Canoe Base Ashtray
will update image

Woodbadge Ashtray

Woodbadge Ashtray
will update image

R7ECB Tile Trivet

Region 7 Explorer Canoe Base Tile Trivet
will update image

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