Fixed Stations beaming the Midwest

Fixed stations in the Division--get on the air!!!  Fixed stations in surrounding states--get on the air and point your beams into the Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and South Dakota areas looking for contacts!!

(Click on the hotlinked callsign to learn more about the station and its capabilities.)

Send your info to  include your grid and bands operated


Fixed stations known to be on the air and looking for Midwest Mania Q's:



Six Meter Specialists:        
KØHA EN10lx A Single-op  
W9FF EN40tf A Single-op  
Multi-Band Stations:        
WDØT DN94vj ABCD Single-op High Power on AB
KØHL DN96 AB Single-op Look for on Sat early in the contest
N0UD DN97 ABD Multi-op 100w and yagi's on each band
NØLL EM09 ABCDE Single-op Will have two breaks for church
K5YM EM13 BD Single-op  
KFØM EM17 BD Single-op  
NØJK EM18xi ABD(E) QRP Port Great location
WQØP EM19wf ABCD9E Multi-op Actively looking for the rovers
W6ZI EM26bj ABCD Single-op  
WØRT EM27 ABCDE Single-op  
KCØMIA EM28 ABD Single-op  
ACØMK EM28 ABD Single-op  
WAØARM EM28cx ABD Single-op   
WBØNQD EM29 ABCDE Single-op  
WRØF EM29 ABCDE Single-op  
KYØO EM29 ABDE Single-op  
KDØFEI EM29 BD Single-op  
NØDWR EM29 B Single-op  
NØIRS EM29se ABCDE Single-op  
K5PJR EM37ka BDE Single-op  
KØJRD EM38ax ABD Single-op   
WØGR EM38ax ABCD9EFHI Single-op  
WB0JQQ EM39cu BD9EFH Single-op  
NØPB EM39wu ABCDE Single-op   
ABØRX EM47pn ABCD Single-op Portable on Taum Sauk click link to left for pics
WB0ULX EN04      
WØHXL EN21ai AB Single-op Omaha, NE
WØLGQ EN21dj ABCD9EFI Single-op Must QRT Sunday noon
WBØYWW EN22uk ABD Single-op  
NØGZ EN31dn ABCDE Single-op  
K0CQ EN32 BD Single-op  
WB0BQV EN32 ABD Single-op
W9OBG EN40tw ABCD9EFGHI Single-op Looking west, big power on all bands
WV9E EN43jv ABCDE Single-op Outside the region but looking that way



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