Rovers in the Midwest

Rovers help increase activity.  They are out there to give you QSO volume as a minimum and new grid multipliers as an extra payoff for finding them.


Rovers known to be active in the Midwest Division area for this contest and hoping to have contacts with you:

(Click on the hotlink callsign to jump to a page with additional details about their rove)


W9FZ/R  ABCD9EFI  EM28/38/29/39 and EN20/30/21/31 144.240 cq'ing  carry to .140 on other bands.  Click hotlink to left to see map and schedule times.

KAØKCI/R   ABCD9EF  Sat: EM06/07/16/17  Sun: EM09/DM99/DN90/EN00/EN10/EM19/EM18/EM17

                                                           Alternate Sun: EM09/DM99/DM98/DM97/EM07/EM17

WRØI/R        ABCD9EFGHI   Activating:  (Click on hotlink to left)

                      EM09,DM99, DN90, EN00, EN01, EN10, EN11, EN20, EN21, EN20, EM29, EM28, EM27 and EM17


KK6MC/R   ABCDE   Activating:  EN14/EN15/EN16/EN26/EN25/EN24 Saturday and

EN14/EN13/EN12/EN11/EN10/EN00/EM09 on Sunday


AF5Q/R   ABCD  Activating:  EM04/EM05/EM15/EM14/EM13/EM03  Saturday and

                                            EM04/EM05/DM94/DM95/EM04  Sunday


KR0VER/R   ABCD9EFGHI  Activating:  DM79/DN70/DN80/DM89/DM78  Click hotlink to left



If you will be roving in the Midwest Division or Great Plains, send your information to and I'll post it here!

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