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Collaboration and Ideas Wanted!

We are clearly still in the early planning stages for this big event. The ideas presented on this website represent our thoughts on how this might all play out based on our early research. If you have some ideas that might improve the experience or have some knowledge that might help fill in the gaps of our plans, please let us know. We'd love to hear from you! But most important of all, please consider joining us.

Also, if you or your ham radio group are developing your own 2017 ARRL 10 GHz+ contest plans (with or without viewing the solar eclipse), we'd like to hear from you as well. Perhaps we can coordinate our plans with yours to enhance everyone's enjoyment of these two events. Please contact Bruce, W9FZ, (see the Contact tab) to discuss your ideas and plans.

An example of what is possible. Wanna play?




Page Last Updated: 20 Apr 2017
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