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Viewing the Eclipse!

On Monday morning following the contest, we plan as a group to head northward out of Ogallala to Tryon, Nebraska to view the total solar eclipse. We initially considered Alliance, Nebraska for viewing the eclipse, but based on our research, Alliance, which is near a major highway with a number of hotels/motels as well as a couple landmarks and tourist attractions (namely a municipal airport and "Carhenge"), would be too crowded and difficult to get to in time for the eclipse. Tryon appears to be more off the beaten path, and it is here that we hope to find a quiet country dirt road to pull off of and set up to view the eclipse. At Tryon, the partial eclipse phase, with the moon just touching the sun's disk at the 1 o'clock position, begins at 11:30:02 am CDT. Totality begins at 12:53:04 pm CDT, and lasts 2 minutes 33 seconds.


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