Misc Items

ABB Main Switch Circuit Breaker 480V AC 40A Amps

NB-5859 Used with slight damage--see picture five

3 pole unit. This came out of a HI-POT rack. See picture six for real specs.
Weight: 6 lb 3oz
Qty Available: 1
Price $20.00 each plus shipping.

Simpson Meter 3.5 inches 5000 Volts DC

Used, pulled from a XENON test box. Was used with Simpson 183 dropping resistor shown on this page
Weight: 9oz
Qty Available: 1
Price $10.00 plus shipping.

Simpson Model 183 Multiplier resistor

This was paired with the 5000v meter elsewhere on this page. You can see in the picture that it says: "10 Meg Ohm and 2000 Ohms/volt"
Simpson 183 Spec sheet 1
Simpson 183 Spec sheet 2
Weight: 5oz
Qty Available: 1
Price $15.00 plus shipping.

High Voltage HV Wires and Plugs

Came from a XENON test unit. You get two pairs of Male/Female HV plugs and sockets. The female part can be mounted on a bulkhead.
Weight: 1 lb 0oz
Qty Available: 1 set
Price $10.00 plus shipping.

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