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Fixed Stations

Updated:   Sept 8, 2012   1600Z

Here are the fixed stations--QRP, Single-Op, and Multi-op who fed me info. Look for them!


KB0HH     EM06     ABCD9EFGI     Multi-op at the Bunkhouse

WQ0P       EM19     ABCD9E          Multi-op at Greg's hill w. of Topeka

N9LB        EN52hv  ABCD9EF       Single-op about 10 mi S of Madison, WI

N9UHF     EN52       ABCD9E          Multi-op near Woodstock, IL

W0UC      EN44hr   ABCD9EF       Single-op near Eau Claire, WI

W5KI        EM36cl    AB                  SOHP Side of a mountain. Big power on 6 and 2.

KD9KC     DM61sv  ABCDE           Portable--see portable tab

KF8QL     EN72fu   ABCD9E          Single-op near Grand Rapids, MI

NE5BO     EM35if    ABCD              Portable multi-op on Mt Nebo, AR

W6ZI         EM26bj  ABCD              

W0ETT     DM79     AB+                 Parker, CO

ND0B        EN07gn  ABCDE           QRO on AB

W0FY       EM48rp   ABD

N0JK        EM18/28   ABD               Portable location TBD

KC0VFO  DM79rm   ABCD             Bricks on all bands

W9EWZ    EN52kr    AB                  Single-op Janesville, WI

W0LGQ    EN21dj    ABCD9EF      Single-op

KF0M       EM17io    ABCD             Single-op


I've put those who contacted me into a spreadsheet here: Central US VHF Activity for Sept Contest

Feel free to edit/add in the spreadsheet on your own.

You can view Upper Midwest activity in a spreadsheet sponsored by WØUC here:

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