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Portable Operations


Maybe QRP, maybe not. But Portable Operations have unique challenges and unique rewards.  Take note of these:


N0JK  Jon will either be in EM18 or EM28 with ABD.


NE5BO Mt Nebo, Arkansas EM35if  ABCD

Lance N4GMT and gang will once again be on Mt Nebo. 


KD9KC  North Franklin Mountain  DM61sv  El Paso, TX   ABCDE

Good morning.


I am a SOTA activator.  I will be on a SOTA summit on Saturday, I will be on North Franklin Mountain.  It is a 4-mile hike and a 3050-foot climb.  I expect to reach the summit in 2 hours.


My station will be a Yaesu FT-817 on 6m, 2m and 70cm, all modes

(AM-FM-CW-SSB) available.  I also hope to have FM only on 222 MHz (if I can borrow an HT), and I WILL have FM only on 1294.500.  Last year I only made 41 contacts in 5 hours.  So I don't stay on one band, I hop around wherever I find action.


The FT-817 has been modified.  It had a better TX audio chain, netting about 6 dB more talk power. I am told it doesn't sound little!


My antennas will be a rotatable dipole on 6m, 4-elements on 2m, 7-elements on 70cm, and rubber ducks on 222 and 1294.


My grid will be DM61sv.


I will also be available for SOTA ops on 40m through 10m.


I hope to hear you on - I could use a few new grids.




Vy73 - Mike - KD9KC.

El Paso, Texas - DM61rt.

W5-SOTA Association Manager.

NA-SOTA info:




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