Not Quite Midwest Mania 2012

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Contest Time:


Begins 1800 UTC Saturday and runs through 0259 UTC Monday (September 8-10, 2012).



1600Z 8 Sept 2012

Final edits:  It's Gametime!

Sept VHF Contest Activity in Central US


Personally, I'm roving again for the Sept Contest--but only 2 grids fall in the Midwest Division.  So this year, I will try to highlight and publicize expected activity--fixed station and rover--throughout the Central US.


As the week rolls along, I'll be in the panhandles of OK and TX researching my operating locations.  Each night, I'll update this site with information sent my way.


View a spreadsheet of Central US VHF Activity for Sept Contest

It's editable!  Go ahead and add your info--but please send me an email too!

There are two tabs:  Fixed and Rovers -- check out both


But first, I have to get on the road headed to DM 87/97 southward to DM 83/93.  

Please email me your callsign, location, bands, and any notes.

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